For investor

In Vortune, we create solutions that give investors the opportunity to profitably invest capital in shares in operational, successful dividend enterprises, special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and closed projects.

Shares in companies

Vortune Equity is a response to the current challenges of the financial market – need for transparency, security and flexibility. In Vortune Equity, we promote investment in products based on shares in operating companies and special purpose vehicles (SPVs) established in the form of a limited liability company.


By investing in shares in operating enterprises or special purpose vehicles established for closed projects, investors acquire rights in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Commercial Companies (KSH), receive the opportunity to invest capital and derive profits from the activities of the indicated enterprise, and diversify the portfolio of classic investment products by equity investments.

Industries and sectors

We enable private investors to join, as shareholders, verified business ventures in various sectors and industries that meet key qualification criteria, such as:


• above-average dynamics of income and/or EBITDA,

• real prospects for market expansion,

• upward trend of the sector and macro environment,

• credibility of the Management Board and Beneficiaries;

• guarantee of investment exit;

• attractive ROI.

We promote projects from sectors that we understand and in which we identify our own competences and successes, including:


• industry sector,

• construction and development industry,

• primary real estate market,

• waste industry and metal processing,

• FMCG, • new technologies and fintech,

• food industry,

• trade and services.

Products and investment levels

With our clients in mind, we build an offer giving our products attractive functionalities enabling, among others:


•   adjustment of the nominal investment level to individual preferences,

•   securing exit from the investment,

•   convenient time of investment,

•   competitive rates of return compared to classic investment products,

•   diversified business profiles of issuers, industries and sectors of the economy.


Flexibility of equity investments allows you to invest capital from several thousand PLN up to the limit of the value of the issuance.


Vortune Equity is also a wide range of consulting services for Investors and Issuers. We combine competences in key areas:


•   development strategy,

•   financial analysis and due diligence,

•   designing financial plans,

•   venture capital,

•   consulting and diversification of the investment portfolio,

•   corporate value,

•   restructuring and lean management.


The complementary model and profile of the Vortune Equity team allows for careful selection of investment projects from the market, monitoring of implementation process, development strategy of financed enterprises and adapting the product offer to the needs of Issuers and private investors.