For Issuer

We promote projects in sectors that we understand and within which we identify our own competencies, including: industrial, construction and development, primary real estate market, waste and metal processing, zero waste management, FMCG, new technologies, fintech, food industry, trade and services.

Type of project

Scaling up business

At Vortune Equity, we understand that access to capital is one of the most important leverages of dynamic growth for companies presenting proven business model.


We know how much energy is required to build a successful business. We support the Issuers in efficient obtaining of share financing from private investors, thus enabling the existing shareholders to maintain a high degree of autonomy in business management. We see this dependence as unique in the market.


We work with companies that demonstrate the potential of leaders in their industries, are on their way to scale their operations and require capital for investment projects, working capital or funds for acquisition or consolidation.

Verified sources of funding

We carefully select private investors. The motto of Vortune Equity Advisers is long-term cooperation.

Rules of cooperation

At Vortune Equity, we attach great importance to the credibility and prospects of the sector in which our clients operate. We base our cooperation on partnership principles going beyond the standard of bank financing and investment funds.


The cycle of cooperation with the Issuers takes place in the form of a standardised process:


•   Due diligence, financial, sector and legal analysis;

•   Consultation on the business model and financial plan of the Company;

•   Selection of parameters and functionality of the share-based product for investors;

•   Definition of the terms and conditions of cooperation;

•   Investment round and raising capital;

•   Monitoring the implementation of the business plan and periodic consultations.

Qualification process

We use a transparent methodology of project acquisition and evaluation. The qualification process includes four stages followed by the implementation of the investment round and project monitoring:



Acquisition: submission of basic information about the project and establishing relations;



Compliance: legal analysis, financial analysis, sector assessment, recommendation for implementation;



Decision: qualification of the project by the Vortune Equity Investment Committee;



Contract: offering and negotiating the terms of cooperation;



Investment round: raising capital and taking up products as part of the issue;



Monitoring: reporting on milestones, indicators and monitoring of implementation.